SIMBALL / MICRO - Color Crafted Worlds

SIMBALL is a brand that develops stationery products. 
They came to us looking for a new design approach to show their new season for Micro, their line of premium pens.

We worked on both realistic photographic sets and digital compositions, 
each one specially selected and designed to highlight and make a unique universe for each product.
A small world where each pen would live and stand out.

It was a lots of fun work, from concepts and pencil sketches to prop development, shooting and editing.
Super happy to finally share this!

Directed by: NotReal 
Creative & Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro
Executive Producer: Eugenia Garcia Montaldo

Graphic Design: Luján Borzi, Valeria Moreiro
Props and sets development: Luján Borzi, Valeria Moreiro, Milton Gonzalez

Photography: Valeria Moreiro
Photography Assistant: Cecilia Armand Ugon
Photography Second Assistant: Luján Borzi

Retouch and Editing: Valeria Moreiro, Octavio Pollono

Client: SP Productos / Simball
Product Director: Lucía Jurado

Year: 2018